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SUPERFRUITS - Extra-Strength Anti-Oxidant Power

The Researchers At BeautyFit®, Designed BeautyReds® To Provide A Synergistic Super Blend Of Antioxidants That When Taken On A Regular Basis Can Provide Protection Against Free Radical Damage That Can Lead To Disease And Aging.

270 Grams - 30 Servings
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The Researchers At BeautyFit®, Designed BeautyReds® To Provide A Synergistic Super Blend Of Antioxidants That When Taken On A Regular Basis Can Provide Protection Against Free Radical Damage That Can Lead To Disease And Aging.

BeautyReds® is a whole food supplement powder that provides all the benefits of 17 different fruit extracts into one simple serving without the added sugar. If you are serious about your fitness and are following a strict diet and exercise program, you understand the importance of avoiding fruit to get your body into super lean conditioning.

However, fruit is loaded with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that provide a host of health benefits, including protection against free radical damage. Fruit is also loaded in fructose or fruit sugar which is not ideal when your goal is a lean and firm body. Although fructose does not stimulate the release of insulin, it is preferentially metabolized to fat in the liver. Therefore fructose consumption could have an effect on glucose intolerance and promote insulin resistance. What's more fructose has been associated with increases in body fat and body weight gain.

With BeautyReds®, you don't need to worry about getting any fructose, this sugar-free whole food fruit powder only provides extracts with high ORAC antioxidant values. ORAC or oxygen radical absorbance capacity measures the free radical destroying potential of a particular food.

The researchers at BeautyFit®, designed BeautyReds® to provide a synergistic super blend of antioxidants that when taken on a regular basis can provide protection against free radical damage that can lead to disease and aging. What's more BeautyReds® antioxidant power can also help improve skin tone, increase energy, support weight loss, boost immune function, improve focus and clarity and provide a source of fiber.

How To Use

Mix one serving (9 g) with 6 oz of water or your favorite beverage. Consume BeautyReds® at the beginning of the day or post workout to load up your body with antioxidants to help fight free radicals caused by the environment and your workout.

You can also combine BeautyReds® with a protein shake to further support recovery.


How Does BeautyReds® Work?
BeautyReds® works by providing a synergistic blend of whole fruit extracts with high ORAC antioxidant capacities to provide protection against free radical damage that can occur as a result of the environment, the aging process or even from a workout. BeautyReds® delivers numerous antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and nutrients from 17 different sources of fruit. The best benefit of BeautyReds® is that you can get all the benefits of fruit without the added sugar.

Can BeautyReds® Be Used With Other BeautyFit® Products?
Yes, in fact all BeautyFit® products are designed to work synergistically together to improve your health, wellness and help you to achieve all your weight loss and fitness goals.

Can I Use BeautyReds® With BeautyGreens®?
Yes, BeautyGreens® provides a source of antioxidants isolated from green vegetable sources, while BeautyReds® provides a source of antioxidants isolated from fruit sources. Synergistically you get all the best benefits of over 50 fruit and vegetables when you blend one serving of each together.

These two products work together to cleanse and detox the body. BeautyReds® and BeautyGreens® can provide a double dose of antioxidant protection from free radical damage associated with the on-set of aging and disease, along with boosting energy and improving the body's metabolic processes that are necessary for a healthy active woman.

How Long Does It Take BeautyReds® To Work?
BeautyReds® will begin to work immediately after consumption; in fact if you are deficient in one or more nutrients you may experience an immediate boost in energy and an improvement in your vitality!

For best results and to ensure your daily nutritional needs are met, you should use BeautyReds® every day to ensure long time protection against free radicals that cause aging and disease. BeautyReds® can also help to support immune function, boost energy and assist in the weight loss process.

Who Is BeautyReds® Designed For?
BeautyReds® is designed for women who are serious about their health and want to stay on top of their fitness goals! BeautyReds® is great for busy, fitness women who are following strict diets. The ingredients in BeautyReds® provide whole-food grade nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals without the added sugar.

Do I Really Need To Take BeautyReds®?
If you are serious about your health and fitness goals it is important you supplement your diet with BeautyReds®. This product provides protection against free radical damage from the environment and from your workouts by providing a blend of super fruit antioxidants. But it also ensures you get a variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals from fruit food sources.

If you are a woman who is super busy, looking to stay healthy, and is in the gym frequently, following a strict diet, you are probably not getting all the essential vitamins and minerals your need, let alone antioxidants. Strict low carb diets can be devoid of fruit. BeautyReds® ensures you get all the nutrients and benefits from fruit without the added sugar.

What's more the nutrients in BeautyReds® can help kick start your metabolism, assist in your weight loss, and help fuel your energy systems. On top of that BeautyReds® can also support your immune system and provide protection against the on-set of disease.

When Is The Best Time To Take BeautyReds®?
The best time to take BeautyReds® is first thing in the morning to help energize your metabolism, and increase the presence of antioxidants in your body. This helps protect your body from free radical damage caused by the day's stresses, your workouts and your environment.

You can also take BeautyReds® with your protein shake or throughout the day to boost your energy.

Should I Take A Multi-vitamin With BeautyReds®?
BeautyReds® provides essential vitamins and minerals isolated from natural fruit sources, but for added benefit you can stack BeautyReds® with a multi-vitamin. In fact if you are serious about your fitness goals, and are working out on a regular basis, your need for vitamins and minerals is above the average woman, as many nutrients can be lost through sweat, or are used up during metabolic processes.

Does BeautyReds® Have To Be Refrigerated?
BeautyReds® is a super-fruit whole food powder, to ensure its freshness, please refrigerate after you open the container. Keep container sealed and out of light when not being used to help avoid oxidation. balance your "good" and "bad" bacteria to keep your body working like it should.


Combats the Aging Process:  Provides a blend of super fruits with high ORAC antioxidant values. BeautyReds® can provide protection against free radicals that attack the body.†

Improves Skin Tone:  Helps to aid in growth and regeneration of skin tissue including collagen.†

Source of Fiber:  Helps keep blood sugar levels maintained throughout the day.†

Increases Energy:  Provides food grade nutrients and vitamins that are involved in regulating metabolism and fueling energy production.†

Supports Weight Loss:  Offers soluble fruit fiber found in mango and apples, BeautyReds® helps slow digestion to reduce appetite between meals.†

Boosts Immune Function:  Provides Acerola, which are high in Vitamin C, an immune boosting compound.†

Improves Mental Clarity and Focus:  Provides Anthocyanins, found in Acai and Black Raspberries which have been shown to improve mental function, concentration, memory, and mental clarity.†

Improves Overall Health and Protects Against Disease:  Offers an array of fruit super-antioxidants that offer up protection against the on-set of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.†

†These statement have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

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