If you are looking to develop beautiful shapely arms then you can not neglect the triceps! Tri’s are often paired with chest or shoulders and here are three exercises to finish off either workout to tax the triceps. As with all training, don’t forget about the mind muscle connection! Pay special attention to the notes on the right to increase the intensity of each exercise.

Machine or Regular Dips

  • 4 Sets
  • 8-10 Repetitions
  • Control the weight down focusing on tricep flexion as you go up.

Overhead Dumbbell Extension

  • 3 Sets
  • 25/20/15 Repetions
  • No lockout at the top, get a full stretch on every rep.

Rope Pressdowns

  • 3 Sets
  • 15/15/50 Repetions
  • On the last set do 50 reps and only pause for 5-10 seconds max if needed until you reach 50!

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