Beauty Natal Multi Vitamin & Multi Mineral Dietary Supplement for women&
Facts off Beauty Natal Multi Vitamin & Multi Mineral Dietary Supplement for women&

Pregnancy Multivitamin BeautyNatal™

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Pregnancy MultiVitamin / Multi Mineral

Use Before, During & After Pregnancy


The Researchers at BeautyFit® Have Formulated Pregnancy Multivitamin BeautyNatal™, A Specific Blend of Vitamins & Minerals

To Help Maintain Your Body’s Supply of Essential Nutrients During All Stages of Motherhood Including

Before, During and After Pregnancy.

During pregnancy the body’s primary role is to focus on the development of newly formed life through all stages of growth. These steps require the body to use up vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals from your diet, and although healthy eating is the first step, it is still highly recommended if you are pregnant or trying to conceive that you take a complete prenatal multi-vitamin, multi-mineral supplement.

By supplementing your diet with the right nutrients, which may be lacking in your diet, you not only maintain your health, but also ensure the health and development of your baby. Important development of your baby can occur even before you know you are pregnant, which makes taking a supplement all that more essential. More than half of all pregnancies are unplanned, and it is highly recommended that any woman who could get pregnant should take a prenatal supplement to ensure proper growth and development.

 The researchers at BeautyFit® have formulated  Pregnancy Multivitamin BeautyNatal™, a specific blend of vitamins and minerals to help maintain your body’s supply of essential nutrients during all stages of motherhood including before, during and after pregnancy. In fact, BeautyNatal™ provides 13 carefully selected vitamins and minerals including 800 mcg of folic acid. Regular folic acid supplementation, taken at or shortly after conception may prevent or reduce the occurrence of neural tube defects during the first month of development.

In addition to folic acid, each serving of BeautyNatal™ provides 100% or more of the recommended daily value of several other important vitamins and minerals including iron, zinc, calcium, vitamins A, C, E and other key B-vitamins that are needed for development of a healthy baby, and to ensure your healthy is maintained too.



  • Contains 200% Of the Daily Value of Folic Acid: An essential B-vitamin that has been shown in research to reduce the occurrence of neural tube defects that can occur during the first stages of pregnancy when supplemented before and after conception.
  • Provides 13 Essential Vitamins & Minerals: These are needed to support the health and well-being of pregnant or breast-feeding woman, while also supporting the healthy development of the baby including Vitamin A for development of respiratory, circulatory and nervous system, Vitamin C for the development of tissue and Vitamin B for the development of energy systems and cell division.
  • Maintains Bone Health: Providing both Calcium and Vitamin D to help maintain your body’s bone health. If a pregnant woman doesn’t absorb Calcium from her diet, the body will use Calcium from her bones for the growth of the baby. Vitamin D helps improve absorption of Calcium, while Calcium helps build strong bones.
  • Supports Oxygen Development & Delivery: Through inclusion of iron, an important mineral needed during pregnancy, to make red blood cells for you and your baby. Red blood cells help carry and deliver oxygen throughout the body. Your body may not absorb enough iron from food to meet its needs during pregnancy, iron deficiencies can lead to anemia during pregnancy or cause premature deliveries and low birth weight.
  • Formulated for Before, During & After Pregnancy: By offering a specific mix of vitamins and minerals that are needed to support the health and well-being of the mother.


Q: How Do I Take Pregnancy Multivitamin BeautyNatal™?

A:  BeautyNatal™ should be taken with meals, to allow for maximum absorption of the vitamins and minerals. Be sure to read and follow the directions as stated on the bottle.


Q: Who Should Take Pregnancy Multivitamin BeautyNatal™?

A:  Just like all other BeautyFit® products, BeautyNatal™ is formulated for women who are serious about their fitness and their health. BeautyNatal™ will help ensure your health and well-being are maintained, and that of your baby’s too, even if you are not in the gym as frequently or eating as diligently. BeautyNatal™ supports what your diet will miss, providing 13 specific and essential vitamins and minerals needed before, during and after pregnancy.


Q: When Should You Start Taking  Pregnancy Multivitamin BeautyNatal™?

A:  If you are considering getting pregnant you should begin BeautyNatal™ right away. Since most pregnancies are unplanned, it is important to ensure you are providing and preparing your body for that pregnancy. Important nutrients, like folic acid are essential during the early stages of conception. In fact, research has shown that supplementing with folic acid before, at and shortly after conception reduces the occurrence of neural tube defects. BeautyNatal™ provides 200% of your daily value of folic acid, along with other essential vitamins and minerals that are needed before and during pregnancy.


Q: Is It Important to Continue Taking Pregnancy Multivitamin BeautyNatal™ Post Pregnancy?

A:  Yes, it is important to continue taking BeautyNatal™ after your pregnancy. Post-pregnancy your body will need nutrients to rebuild and restore tissues, not to mention replenish those lost during breast feeding. BeautyNatal™ also provides the B-vitamins that assist in the production of serotonin. Supplementing with B-vitamins can help improve mood post-pregnancy.


Q: How Does Pregnancy Multivitamin BeautyNatal™ Work?

A:  BeautyNatal™ provides you with 13 specific vitamins and minerals that will support your health and well-being, and the development of a healthy baby. BeautyNatal™ is designed for pre, during and after pregnancy. Before you are pregnant, BeautyNatal™ helps to ensure that you are getting all the nutrients that are required for the development of a healthy baby. Pregnancy Multivitamin BeautyNatal™ contains folic acid for prevention of neural tube defects, Vitamin A for development of the respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems, Vitamin B for development of neural and energy pathways, and Vitamin C for tissue development. What’s more these essential vitamins and minerals are also critical to your health. It is still highly recommended if you are pregnant or trying to conceive that you take a complete prenatal multi-vitamin, multi-mineral supplement, to ensure you get nutrients your diet could miss.




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