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Diuretic Formula Australia The Best You Can Get Your Hands On

 More than 50% of the human body consists of water. This means a significant portion of your weight is designated to water. So, does that mean losing water can help you lose water weight fast? Yes! With the best natural diuretic, you can now lose weight up to 2.5 kg!

Why You Need Natural Diuretic Supplements

 Humans need water to be able to function well. Sometimes, when we don’t drink enough water or consume sufficient water-based foods, our body begins to store water.

While this is the body’s response to prevent dehydration, unfortunately, this is what leads to water weight gain.

If you’ve been feeling bloated, watery, or simply too full lately and remember you haven’t been drinking a lot of water, you might be gaining water weight.

This is where the BeautyRetic® Diuretic Formula comes in – the best fluid away pills.

The Best Diuretic Formula Spanning 20 Years Of Knowledge

The BeautyRetic® Diuretic Formula is not an ordinary, run-of-the-mill, supplement that simply claims to lose water weight fast. This is the best diuretic for weight loss, carefully created by none other than Jimmy Mentis, the IFBB Professional Bodybuilder. With 20 years of experience, Jimmy has mastered the art of water fluctuation and shifting in bodybuilding and has now presented his knowledge in the form of diuretic formula capsules and powder. Consume to achieve the best results from the best creator. 

How Does The Formula Work?

Consider the BeautyRetic® Diuretic Formula as water pills. When your body is storing a lot of water, consuming these pills hints your kidneys to release sodium (salt) into your urine. Once the sodium is to be flushed out, it takes the water from your blood along the way too – decreasing fluid and therefore bloating. Feel lighter and be so too – about 2.5 kg!  

The Best Workout – Without The Working Out!

Sometimes, you only need to lose a little weight to get your body in shape. Little do you know; this doesn’t mean gym runs or stringent workouts that leave you gasping for breath. Sometimes, your problem can go away with a solution as easy as a glass of powder diuretic formula or a single pill – really. Embrace the best natural water retention pills, and feel your water weight going down, and your body getting toned.

Stay tuned for better:    Hips     Butt   Legs    Muscle   Waist   Arms

A Maximum Strength Diuretic To Lose Water Weight Fast!

There are numerous ways to lose water weight. You can exercise, avoid salty foods, get away from carbs, and keep your sugar intake low.

But, if you want to lose water weight fast and effectively, the options remain limited.

BeautyRetic® Diuretic Formula is an easy, swift fix, that aids water weight loss and prevents future weight gain when taken consistently.

Have a look at what makes this diuretic formula so special:


Quick Results

There is no need to wait for days and months of diet and exercise only to shed a few pounds of water weight. These water retention tablets achieve the mighty in record time – as low as 48 hours


While the usual ways to lose water weight are temporary and can give way to gain in the future – the BeautyRetic® Diuretic Formula is different. It makes weight loss achievable, consistent, and long-term.

Ultra-Concentrated Formula

A diuretic is as effective as its ingredients. With an ultra-concentrated formula, we make sure to give you the best, premium quality diuretic formula capsules and powder.  

 Tested For Purity

We do not take any chances on your health. Following our value of transparency and convenience, the BeautyRetic® Diuretic Formula is lab-tested for purity and only rolled out after thorough quality assurance checks.

Choose Your BeautyRetic® Formulated specifically for women

We understand not everybody is able to consume many capsules a day. Keeping your convenience and satisfaction as our utmost priority, we let you choose your method of evaporating water weight. 

60 capsules or 240 grams of Orange Tang Powder (30 servings) 

Featuring the same best diuretic formula in Australia, have your pick between capsules or powder and let the water-weight shedding begin!

Let’s Get The Water Out!

With such an easy-to-consume formula, losing water weight will never have seemed easier with these best natural water retention pills.

BeautyRetic® Diuretic Formula: Capsule Form

Step 1

Purchase the bottle of 60 capsules.  

Step 2

Take 3 capsules in the morning.

Step 3

Take 3 capsules in the afternoon.

Step 4

Assess the result after 4 days of capsule intake.


BeautyRetic® Diuretic Formula: Orange Tang Powder

Step 1

Purchase the powder of 30 servings  

Step 2

Take 1 serving (8 grams) in the morning.

Step 3

Take 1 serving (8 grams) in the afternoon.

Step 4

Assess the result after 4 days of powder intake.

Take all capsules and servings with 8 oz water to aid absorption. Also, do not take more than 2 servings (or 6 capsules) a day, nor consume within 5 hours before bedtime.

BeautyRetic® Diuretic Formula: Must-Have Natural Diuretic Supplements

 A water weight of 2.5 kilos may not sound like a big deal. But when it begins to appear in the form of a bloated stomach, swollen ankles, or heavier face – it becomes an issue.

Unfortunately, in the case of women with generally smaller physiques, the water weight is even more noticeable; and sometimes, the 2.5 kilos can increase to 5 kilos too!

Make your move and make it now!

Keep your appearance in top shape, and bid goodbye to the hanging, stubborn, unwanted water weight.

Choose BeautyRetic® Diuretic Formula – the best diuretic for weight loss.

 Make Your Purchase Today! Be Beautiful... Be Dry®


 This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

















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Customer Reviews

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Super Gentle On Your System!

I used this product a couple days prior to my competition. I couldn’t believe the difference in my body! I totally leaned out and stage ready! Thank you BeautyFit for helping me achieve max results!!!

Rebecca B.
Amazing Product

Such a great product, nightly recommended!

Elvin J.

Excellent Product!!!

Jill G.

I love this product!! It got me ready for my last few weeks of prep for my last show and also helped to reduce water retention for after the show! Definitely will use every prep!!

Emily J.
Love this stuff

Helps with extra water retention.

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