Bottle of Beauty-Slender® Maximum Weight Loss Formula for Women (120softgels)
Bottles of Beauty-Slender® Maximum Weight Loss Formula for Women (360 softgels)
Supplement Facts of Beauty-Slender® Maximum Weight Loss Formula for Women (120softgels)

Maximum Weight Loss BeautySlender®

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Maximum Weight Loss Stimulant Free Softgels

A Weight Loss Formula That Works! 

Beauty-Slender® Australia –  Weight loss supplements.

Designed For Women

Unlike the usual weight loss pills that follow a one-size-fits-all approach, Beauty-Slender® is different.

Specifically designed for women, the supplements involve ingredients that appeal to women’s biochemistry and work with them to produce swift and exceptional bodily results.

Surpass Your Health & Fitness Goals

Do not mistake the Beauty-Slender® for only a weight loss supplement.

These soft gels were created after thorough research of the modern woman and her bodily requirements. Thus, they provide a powerful combination of weight management, improved health, and better immunity.

A Myriad Of Benefits

Depicting a unique formula and an abundance of benefits, the Beauty-Slender® Australia is no ordinary weight loss supplement.

Here is a glimpse at what you will get in return for a nominal investment in a bottle of 120 soft gels:

Lose Abdominal Fat

 Belly fat is noticeable, unwanted, and mostly unhealthy. Lose abdominal fat with Beauty-Slender® and gain the physique you long for.

Control Sugar Cravings

 Acting as an appetite suppressant, the pills keep you full for longer and reduce cravings for high-calorie sugary foods.

Improved Heart Health

Stimulate the breakdown of fatty acids and reduce cholesterol for better cardiac health and overall bodily improvement.

 Increased Weight Loss

 Beauty-Slender® triggers the fat-burning process to increase weight loss and avoid weight regain for a toned physique.

A Powerful Blend For The Best Maximum Weight Loss Supplements

Multi-purpose and all-encompassing, Beauty-Slender® makes for the best weight loss pills in Australia due to its high-quality ingredients and bestselling formula. Using just the perfect ratio of nutritional elements, the bottle comes loaded with power and purpose. The ingredients include:

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

A naturally occurring fatty acid, CLA increases fat loss, boosts your immunity, and controls blood sugar.


Gamma Linoleic Acid

Improving skin and hair, the GLA also maintains your metabolism while balancing the effect of Omega-6 and three fatty acids.


Alpha Linoleic Acid

As a type of Omega-3 fatty acid, ALA helps maintain cholesterol levels and therefore improves cardiac health.


Eicosapentaenoic Acid

The EPA is an Omega-3 fatty acid with a plethora of benefits including decreased menstrual problems, better heartbeat patterns, and prevention of asthma, cancer, and heart diseases. 

Docosahexaenoic Acid

As an Omega-3 fatty acid with multiple uses, DHA helps against heart disease and arthritis while being associated with decreased body weight.


Omega 3-6-9

 A blend for the best, Omega 3-6-9 allows better weight management while promoting heart, brain, and mental well-being.


We use only the best for the best to provide maximum weight loss for women stimulant-free, too!

Why Choose Beauty-Slender® in Australia?  

Increase Metabolism

Your metabolic process is responsible for burning energy from food and is, therefore, vital in determining your diet. These pills enhance your metabolism to burn calories quicker and induce weight loss.

Normalize Blood Sugar

By suppressing your cravings for sugary food, these pills regulate blood sugar levels, making the weight loss process easier for you.

Improve Heart Immunity

Rigid weight loss diets may take a toll on your heart health – but not Beauty-Slender®.

ALA, EPA, and DHA improve your cardiac health by reducing cholesterol levels, limiting unhealthy fats, and increasing immunity.

Promote Hormone/Thyroid Function

Hormonal issues are rampant in women of all ages. Therefore, these weight loss supplements optimize adrenal and thyroid function to promote overall health and well-being.

Prevent Unhealthy Fat Storage

Fulfilling its prime purpose thoroughly, the ALA and GLA in the ingredients blend help metabolize the carbs in your diet, converting them into energy and therefore preventing them from being stored as body fat. Reduce your belly fat and prevent regaining weight – all with a single supplement.

How To Consume The Beauty-Slender® Weight Loss Supplements?

Decide the number of capsules according to the intensity of weight loss required and take them with an 8 oz glass of water at mealtime, thrice a day.

The number of capsules can be 1 or 2 at each mealtime, bringing the tally to 3 or 6 a day.

The Only Weight Loss Supplements You Will Ever Need

Beauty-Slender® Australia comes equipped with a blend that delights, beautifies, and satisfies women. From better hair and nails to improved skin, reduced weight, and an enhanced immune system, this is the supplement you need for a better you.

120 soft gels to consume and unlimited benefits to gain!

Purchase Your Beauty-Slender® Weight Loss Today!



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Customer Reviews

Based on 160 reviews
N Hamo
It really works!

Its the only thing that has worked for my stubborn fat! I was 57.7kg my goal is 50kg I’v been on these for around 2 weeks now, I take two with each meal. Iam on a strict diet and exercising too and now I weight 56kg I believe it helped alot in reaching this weight in two weeks!

Leanne Hannant

Very happy with the results so far

Gillian Cotton
Beauty fit Slender

While this product does regulate my appetite, I am yet to see any weight loss, it is early days though, so will wait and see. If there is any noticeable difference after this course, I will purchase again.

Heather Richardson
Love Beauty Fit

I love Beauty Fit. I've been on it for a few months now. It does reduce my hunger. It also really helps with my hair, its alot healthier now. I take 3 a day. I'm very happy with this product ☺️ thank you. 😀


I feel less cravings and not so bloated when taking these, they also help level out my hormones

BeautyFit® australia

beautyfit® a way of life in nutrition

Our philosophy is simple: At BeautyFit®, our mission is to educate & inspire women in fitness nutrition and feel beautiful.

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