"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate can not drive out hate; only love can do that."
Martin Luther King, Jr.

We must all learn to live beautifully and be kind to one another even when there is uncertainty and change. We tend to scramble when everything is in a flux. The very nature of our existence is in a flux. Things keep changing whether we are aware of it or not.

So how can we live wholeheartedly in the face of impermanence? Is it possible for us to increase our tolerance for instability and change?

Life is not always going to go your way! This is why it is so important to practice discipling your mind. The challenge is to notice the emotional tugs things have on you. Stay with the feeling for 1.5 minutes without the story line. This is also a somatic technique that is good to work on during meditation. How long can you endure the discomfort or struggle with sticking to this exercise without letting your mind shift into stories. Many times our emotions make a very wrong story or miscommunication right. So keep in mind perception is very relative to how you feel in the moment.

Be aware that most stories we tell without facts are not even true?

We live in duality and buy into illusion. We create stories to justify much of what we do and believe our own why even when there is no truth in what we believe at all. Even when we know the truth we still make up our own versions. This is when we are truly vulnerable and a victim of our own mind. It’s when we unmask our real emotions, let go and open our minds that are hearts can open not constrict. We enter the rhythm of our lives and can be in our power. We get to know our own strength. Learning to move with the tides and be true to our own nature is a part of the path of healing. It has to be authentic to us, this truth. It can not be someone elses or prescribed. It has to resonate in your heart.

We can spend our lives suffering over things we lack control over or we can cease these opportunities as gateways for our own liberation. We can free ourselves from the lies and hate that create nothing valuable. We have a choice with the outcome of today, to embrace the open-endedness of the human condition and look at it in a fresh, unfixated and an unbiased way.

When we become negative we pollenate in a way that does not help us grow, but squashes our light. We need to first look within and have compassion for ourselves. We need to shift into the uncertainty of not understanding some things rather than be so sure and seek to destroy or go into battle.

Can we keep our differences in perspective?

When we dim our light and participate in negative energies, we lose our life force, we are subject to illness, addictions, bad relationships and so much more. If we shift into a place of really wanting to transform our lives, we can see that our enemies can be our greatest teachers. Those very moments we feel we are losing can create an inspiring comeback. People in our lives – all of them – are special messenger’s that show up to point out where we are fixed and where we need to be more in the flow. The comfort of always flowing is not a place you want to be too comfortable either. I have learned to find comfort in discomfort.

Some of fate may be in our hands, but much of fate is not. There are global reasons, national whys, personal agendas and more. For me, using prayer and meditation has helped me stay calm, pull back and learn to have faith in things. Most things find a way of working out or shifting and changing things in a way we need to learn to adapt. Panic, fear, bouncing around to the next best thing are weaker ways to cope.

How can we be so certain or uncertain?

If you just can’t seem to shift, try to sit and sit still long enough to listen to the guru within for the answers. When we use discernment in our life and sit back, we learn to be more conscious about how we really want to react. We can respond with intelligence vs. ignorance.

Learning to do these very things has helped me. I have been able stay in a marriage that comes with its challenges without running, it helped me raise a daughter through very difficult times and stay motivated to be all I can be, it helped me comeback when I had felt betrayed or lost an opportunity. I can only speak from my experience. I have received many gifts that I would not have known had I quite or always reacted poorly to change. I’m sure that love is a grace and fear is a curse. We create much of our own discomfort and pain through the choices we make that are not in alignment with our higher truths.

So what are we going to do about life and the many parts we lack control over? How will you handle these moments?

My suggestion is to think ahead now. You need strategies to balance the areas you may know you are weak in. It’s important that we learn not to dim our light, but raise it especially when we or others experience the darkness. It will illuminate the soul.

Our nation needs us all to raise our vibration into a place of love not hate and global healing begins within. By shifting and changing through practice and right action, we do help the world gain some momentum. Our energy effects everyone around us and who we come in contact with. Get to know your own power & strength.

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